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I tried to hold my tears the whole episode but I lost it at this scene.. ಥ_ಥ

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I LOOOVE Gun’s relationship with ‘Gaedong’ and how he keeps talking to her all the time when he misses Miyoung.. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

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Fated to Love You - Episode 17 & 18 Review


I never thought I will cry again this much like I did in Episode 11 & 12 but the last 10 minutes of Episode 17 had me crying like crazy at the videos that Gun made for himself. When Miyoung start sobbing, I did too (it was funny XD;;). Then Episode 18 happened and I was smiling like crazy from ear to ear. :P My goodness, how can they play with my emotions like this??!!1


I don’t know how the writer and director done it but they certainly nail it with everything — right from the hilarious to all those heartbreaking scenes. Just watching Gun & Miyoung looking at each other somehow really break you inside. It is really beautiful — how their love are portray in the drama — it makes you want to tear up even by watching their happy moments.

I’m so glad the cute is back. And we got a looooooot of cute & passionate scenes — oh my God, could I ask for more? And the part of Gunmeo & Julmiyoung had me rolling. XD~~ And somehow, its great to know that Gun’s father is actually as stupid as him lol but he definitely go beyond by bringing Yong’s mother into the picture. I always like the tone or the side-eye Gun always give to his dad while talking to his picture. 8D

Overall, it is a really great episodes! Great episodes! Great episodes! It was worth the wait and I couldn’t thank enough the writer/director/actors for gifted us with such a perfect Kdrama. I’m not ashamed to say how it has affected me emotionally and the fact that waiting for new episodes has been a torture but I don’t want this drama to end. I already have major withdrawal even when it hasn’t ended so I wonder how will I cope when it finished next week. T________T

And what’s going to happen in the next 2 episodes? They spent the whole of Episode 18 being all happy and sweet, I wonder what twist the writer going to give us in the last 2 episodes. Please don’t try to be clever and give us an open-ended ending — come on, this drama deserve a better ending than that.

I think my only complain is that we don’t have new OST this week. :( Waiting for the new song every week has been one of most exciting thing for me since I absolutely love the OSTs in the drama…

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I love the fact that even after 3 years, Gun still keeping Miyoung’s bed side; like she is still there sleeping beside him… ಥ_ಥ 

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The saddest part is, the fact that she never know how much it is hurting him as well… T_T

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Fated to Love You - Episode 15 & 16 Review

This week episodes continue to be hilarious + sad for me. I love the fact that the pacing of the episodes are great and it keeps you entertain with every scene that coming to your way. The part where Gun and Miyoung met at Gaedong’s accident place made me sad. Gun try to act unaffected with Miyoung’s words and laugh it off but you can see how deeply her words affected him with his changed facial expression. And the part that he said ‘sorry’ again to Gaedong like he did every year breaks my heart. T___T

I love love the scene where Miyoung busted Gun at her mum place. The part that her mum asked him to run and the fact that the there’s rice on his face at that time makes the scene even more hilarious. XD And the scene where Gun tell how Miyoung’s mum is also his mum and how unfair she is to take her away from him is just amazing. I love how deep the writer portray Gun and Miyoung’s mum relationship since Gun not only see her because he is missing Miyoung but the fact that Miyoung’s mum has become his mum as well. And the bits where Miyoung replies ‘beep beep beep’ to Gun’s bird sound make me laugh like crazy. I didn’t expect Jang Nara to make that sound tbh.


The discovery of the candy painting and the bits where they show how Gun cried his heart out after the break-up 3 years ago is just sooo well executed. T_T I just love how the director always put new scenes for flashback parts since most dramas always reuse the existing scenes for flashback purposes. Like the one at the end or episode 12 where they show Miyoung shampoing and drying Gun hair is just very refreshing. I love how they show that their relationship grows outside/beyond what was shown to us on the screen.


And I just have to say how I really like Secretary Tak. I love his expressions and the view of the relationship between Gun and Miyoung from his eyes. Like his sudden sad face when he knows how Gun is suffering without Miyoung and asked him to take her back or how he knows Gun gonna spent the whole night mourning Gaedong’s death again this year. Or his happy face when he realized all the fuss Gun is making about taking care of the company’s artists are because of Miyoung. Or in the previous episodes where Miyoung told Gun that the ring was hers at the hospital, his expression at that time was really golden as someone who watches the interaction between these two people.

And I need to mention how great is the OSTs of this drama. This is legit the best OST I ever heard from any drama. Every single song is awesome and I can’t stop listening to them and not to mention how I adore the lyrics of the songs as well. I think Baek Ah Yeon’s song is still my fave but I legit love Ailee’s song since it makes my heart drop everytime I heard the intro since I remember how super heartbreaking scenes will come when they started playing the song. And Melody Day’s new song for the OST; ‘You’re My Everything’ is just great – I can’t stop listening to it since the lyrics is helplessly cute. The music video of the song is just amazing since every scene in the music video suit every sentences of the lyrics. I love when the lyrics said ‘Hug me gently’, they show how Gun hugs Miyoung gently while she is sleeping or when the lyrics said ‘Everything feels like a dream’, they show the scene where Gun is sleeping soundly and then the part ‘I’m a little scared’ come, they show Miyoung’s worry face when she looks at the sleeping Gun. T^T Prop to whoever editing the video since it is really perfect to show Miyoung’s POV in the drama and how Gun is seen from her eyes. :D

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Why do you want the painting so desperately?

"It was my first work in terms of true meaning and above all else, it’s not just a drawing to me.

It’s like a family member or a part of me.

It’s also the most precious, bright, gemlike memories I have that I never want to forget.

I like now too… But it doesn’t compare to the memories that I have before…”

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Fated to Love You - Episode 13 & 14 Review

I’m seriously in a mess because of this drama. It is sooooo good and well written and it’s simply the best K-romcom I have ever come across (I basically hate K-romcom in general tbh despite watching plenty of it over the years *.*). This drama made me laugh like crazy while at the same time break my heart to pieces — it had all elements in one. I watched plenty of live dramas before; some as intense as Gaksital but I always shut down my mind after watching every week’s episodes but somehow it didnt become like this with this drama. It lingers in my mind and the waiting for every week’s broadcast is really a torture lol.

So, this is basically what I predicted will happened after 3 years (before watching last weeks’ episodes):
1. Gun & Miyoung didn’t get together with anyone. - CHECKED
2. Gun will remained friend with Sera but just that without any feelings or whatsoever. Miyoung will be mistaken that him & Sera are together but figured out later that they’re not. - CHECKED, CHECKED & the third one will probably happen in this week’s episodes.
3. Daniel is still waiting for Miyoung and ask her again & again whether it is okay to accept him and Miyoung will say that she’s still not ready yet/begin to accept him. - CHECKED & CHECKED
4. Gun will unconsiously try to insert himself in Miyoung’s life again. - CHECKED

Well, after years of watching K-dramas, I can basically predicted all of this to happen and I’m glad that it did happen like what I predicted since I don’t think my poor heart can take it if it happen otherwise. >.<


While last week’s episodes had me in tears from the get go, I didnt expect to cry again for this week’s episodes but every scene that show how Gun missing Miyoung had me in tears again and again. The fact that he still visit Miyoung’s mum, talking and keeping all Gaedong’s stuffs or how he still keep her place when he sleeps at night just break my heart. Or how he thought he dream/hallucinate her — man this drama truly keeping all the melodrama (which I love so much) at all time high. So no, because of this, I have no 2nd male lead syndrome because Gun is perfect despite his idiotic noble decision to keep Miyoung away. He knows he shouldn’t meddle with her life but he just cant seemed to get away from her.

I love how Miyoung has become a much stronger person after 3 years. Although Gun is keeping the drama alive with his hilarious antics (Jang Hyuk rapping to g.o.d’s ‘To My Mother’ takes the cake 8D) but Miyoung’s graceful presence is really one of the strongest aspect of the drama. Jang Nara is really perfect here. I loved that she agreed to do this drama with Jang Hyuk since their chemistry is just undeniably amazing.

I can’t wait for the scenes when Miyoung finally find out how Gun is suffering without her — finding her sleeping pic in his handphone, him still keeping all the baby’s stuffs, the cup, the late night visits to her mum’s restaurant and everything — its gonna be glorious for sure. :D

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Fated to Love You - Episode 11 & 12 Review

This week’s episodes are truly very emotionally draining for me. I never knew I would cry this much watching a romantic comedy but the last two episodes is like a tearjerker melodrama lol. I started to cry during the opening scene where they show Gun’s after crying face and all those flashbacks. I can’t concentrate after that — damn the production team for making me in a mess in just in the opening scene! After that, I just remember crying constantly everytime I see Gun & Miyoung’s sad faces. OTL


So many things happened in just 2 episodes that I actually wondered what’s going to happen in the coming 9 episodes since all the scenes in the 11th episode is like the last episode of a kdrama. And yes, Ailee’s sad song doesn’t help either since it makes all the scenes even more sadder and heartbreaking. ;_;

I cant believe they go ahead with the miscarriage plot! T______T I guess it is needed since the drama is only halfway through. Well, the ending of episode 12 makes me excited again since an extremely handsome Gun (I’m so glad Jang Hyuk donned this hair again! *.*) and fabulous Minyoung made an appearance so I guess in the next episodes the cute and adorable banter will return again? :3


 I have to say that I’m extremely happy on how the writer wrote the drama. Despite all the crazy things that happen, Gun & Miyoung are still a very likeable characters. I’m actually falling in love more & more with Gun in every episode and I never feel Miyoung annoying or clingy — not even once — she is graceful, strong, dignified and full of class despite whatever situation she’s in. That is a good writing since the drama managed to gasp the viewers’ attention without making anyone overly bad or evil.

Well, the drama finally the first in its timeslot (beating other strong contenders; Joseon Gunman & It’s Okay, That’s Love) so I guess all the attempts to make the viewers cry paid off?

Anyway, I honestly think this is one of the very best produced k-romcom ever. The amount of parodies and BGM references they put in the drama were simply excellent! :D In case anyone didnt catch the references, they listed some of it here

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The first scene where it all begins&#8230;

The first scene where it all begins…

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