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References & Background Music Used in Fated to Love You

- Successful Story of a Bright Girl references: Some of the similar scenes in Fated to Love You are intended as a reference to the Jangs’ previous drama together.

- You Who Come from the Star reference: “Do Manager” reference during Clara’s opening scene when she throw a fuss and call her manager; “Where is Do Manager?” when she refused to do the shampoo commercial ad.

- ‘Technologic’ by Daft Punk is played during Miyoung’s opening scene in the drama where she is bringing the coffee to her office.

- 'Change' by Gloomy 30's from Slave Hunter OST is used in the scene when Gun is trying to chase away the dog using his blazer. Jang Hyuk is associated a lot with this song since this is the drama that won him a Daesang in 2010 KBS Drama Award. Even in Real Men (a K-variety show about army life), this song is played constantly during his scenes. XD

- James Bond’s Bond girl reference: Gun transformed Miyoung to an attractive and kick-ass lady (Bond girl) at Macau and this reference is also used later in the drama.

- Count of Monte Cristo reference: When both of them are locked by Miyoung’s mum, Gun sarcastically answer to Miyoung; “Then should I dig a tunnel with a spoon?” when he tried to escape from the room.


- 'Snail' by Panic is played when Gun described Miyoung as a snail that slowly, little by little, piece by piece, get closer to its target.

- Behind the White Tower reference: “What’s with this “Behind the White Tower” situation?” comment by the baby instructor when Gun acted dramatically like he is operating a patient when he is stitching the baby clothes.

- ‘Mujogeon’ by Park Sang Chul is sang by Gun when he entertained Miyoung’s mum and her friends during the karaoke session.

- ‘Why do you?’ by Chuli & Miae is sang by both Gun and Miyoung during the karaoke session. Gun rap while Miyoung sing and a live performance from Jang Hyuk’s days as TJ Project was briefly shown in the karaoke video.

- Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara’s past/current career reference: Gun praised Miyoung singing (reference to Jang Nara’s career as a pop singer) and Miyoung praised Gun’s rap (reference to Jang Hyuk’s short-lived career as a rapper) and Gun replied by saying; “I had to do something like that before. A project.” (Just for the lolz, TJ Project is his stage name which stand for ‘Team Jang Hyuk’).


- ‘My Heart Will Go On’ by Celine Dion from Titanic OST is used during the back hug scene when Gun tried to stop Miyoung from picking up his handphone.

- ‘I Heard It Through the Rumors’ by Jang Ki Ha and the Faces from Nameless Gangster OST and ‘Cries and Whispers’ from Old Boy OST are used when Gun cancel the contract of selling the factory at Yeoul Island to the industrial waste landfill company.

- Pasta reference: Daniel said to Miyoung; “Eat here, I made pasta in my past.” which is a reference to his character in Pasta. Beside that, Daniel’s Korean name in the drama is Kim Taeho which is Choi Jinhyuk’s real name. (Credit: frankreich@tumblr)

- ET reference: Gun said Miyoung’s sister baby looks like an ET (alien) when he is holding him at the hospital.

- Various famous people reference: Jung Joon Young radio show (JJY is a big Jang Nara’s fan and he is indirectly asking Miyoung to come to him), ‘Having an Affair’ by GG (G-Dragon and Park Myung Soo), Park Kyunglim radio show and ‘Sera Sera’ by Doris Day is played from the radio during the car scene when Gun is sending Miyoung back from the hospital.

- ‘The Princess Diaries Medley’ from Princess Diaries OST is played during the firework romantic scene by the lake side.

- ‘Let’s Ride a Motorcycle with a Guitar’ by 10cm is played during the exercise race scene between Gun and Daniel.

- Batman’s Joker reference: Gun seeing his shrink in the iconic Joker make-up when his sexual frustration is driving him nuts that he has to take a cold shower for it. :’D


- Volcano High & Successful Story of a Bright Girl reference: Both Gun and Miyoung dressed as students as their previous movie/drama (Volcano High for Jang Hyuk and Successful Story of a Bright Girl for Jang Nara). You can hear Yong called Jang Nara’s character in the drama; “Yang Soon” and ‘Love Song’ by Jo Jang Hyuk from SSoaBG OST can be heard in the background during that scene.

- A New Leaf reference: Gun wake up and having an amnesia and he asked Sera; “That thing that happens frequently in movies and dramas, memory loss, I’m in that state?” You can see Kim Myungmin amnesia scene at the side of Gun’s face. 

- g.o.d. reference: Gun rapped to g.o.d.’s ‘To My Mother’ — a song which he starred in a music video in 1999. He did this rap in front of John Park (a member of g.o.d. who made a cameo in this scene). Jang Hyuk and John Park is a long time friends as they once share a dorm during their rookie years.

image  image

- g.o.d.’s Baby Jaemin reference: Jaemin is the name of the baby that members of g.o.d. has to take care in their variety show. John Park is holding and recording an advertisement with ‘Jaemin’ in this scene.

- Inspector Gadget theme song is used as background music when Gun is trying to enter Miyoung’s arts exhibition.

- 'I Can't Forgive' by Cha Soo Kyung from Cruel Temptation OST is played during Yong and Jiyeon restaurant scene. This song is associated with betrayal so it is purposely played during that scene. This song is also played during their meeting with Yong’s mother.

- Jang Hyuk reference: Gun speak in Chinese and pretend to be Jang Hyuk (himself) in order to stop the kiss conversation forced to Miyoung and Daniel by their friends.

In Time With You reference: When Gun and Miyoung are conversing by messaging each other, the scenes where they sit side by side are inspired by this Taiwanese drama.

- Chinese zombie reference: Gun called Secretary Tak; ‘Tak Gangshi’ when he keeps following him around.

- The Classic reference: This happens during Gun and Miyoung running under the rain scene during their visit at the botanical garden. You can hear Jatanpung’s ‘Me to You, You to Me’ from The Classic OST played in the background.

- Romeo & Juliet reference: Gunmeo & Julmiyoung according to Secretary Tak. 8D

image  image

- Notting Hill reference: Due to them confessing to each other in front of a press conference.

- ‘Kiss Me’ by Blink is played during the drawing scene when Gun tried to kiss Miyoung. This song is very popular in k-variety shows since they always play it during any kiss-attempted scenes.

- Dragon Ball reference: Ice and fire exchange between Gun and Yong. And in one of the scene, Dragon Ball’s song (Korean version) can be heard from the background.

- Jun Jihyun reference (Jang Hyuk’s co-star in Windstruck and two of his MVs): A play on Jun Jihyun name is made by Gun when he asked Miyoung about Jiyeon’s name; “She’s Jun Jiyeon, right? Not, JIHYUN but Jiyeon.”

- Jang Nara reference: In Gun’s dream where he seemed to have forgotten Miyoung, he mistaken her with Jang Nara.

- Terminator reference: Gun said; “I’ll be back!!1” to Miyoung’s mum when he failed to convince her to be with Miyoung the first time.

- ‘You Mean Everything To Me’ by Neil Sedaka is played during the ramyum kiss scene.

- Tazza - The War of Flower reference: Reference to Jang Hyuk’s character in his drama Tazza; “Goni” by President Park when they play the Go-Stop (Hwatoo) game in which Jang Hyuk’s character in the drama is an expert. Also, Jang Nara love to play the game irl so they show how she is an expert in the game in the drama.


- Secret Garden reference: This happens during the exercise scene when Gun and Miyoung are doing sit-up trying to impress Miyoung’s mum that he is healthy.

- Emergency Couple reference: At the end of episode 19 when we see them running in public to their wedding ceremony.

- Men in Black reference: Both Yong and Secretary Tak acting as secret agents when they tried to recreate the Macau incident.

- 'The Blue Night of Jeju Island' by Sung Sikyung is played during Gun and Miyoung’s dancing scene near the pool when they were having their honeymoon at Jeju Island.

Anything else that I missed?

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Really writer-nim? 4 sleeping scenes??!! ◡‿◡✿ 

Not that I’m complaining.. XD;;

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It’s truly an unfortunate thing that they let Gun & baby OTP less than 5 minutes screen time. T^T

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Similiarities between Successful Story of a Bright Girl & Fated to Love You

- Jang Hyuk’s characters in both dramas is a CEO, rich, own a beauty company and both of his parents’ die since he was a little kid. And he spent most of the times in suit and his personal car color is red.

- Jang Nara’s characters in both dramas is a country girl who moved to Seoul for work and due to this, she has an accent. While Yang Soon talks all the time with an accent, Miyoung only use the accent when she talks to her family members.

- Jang Hyuk’s characters has good relationship with Jang Nara’s characters’ parent/s.

- Fate with rings!

image image

- Jang Nara’s characters call Jang Hyuk’s characters ‘Prince’ in both of the dramas.

- Both dramas has makeover scene which is done by Jang Hyuk’s characters to Jang Nara’s characters.

- Jang Nara’s characters has one close bestfriend which is Bobae in SSoaBG and Ji Yeon in FTLY.

- Years interval in between the dramas – 1 year for SSoaBG and 3 years for FTLY.

- Eating or drinking cosmetic scene. Both dramas has Jang Hyuk’s characters eating or drinking his cosmetic products to show how natural it is. :P

- Scene of both characters watching each other sleeping! XD

- Jang Nara’s characters said the ‘I love you’ words first (and in front of hella a lot of people while doing so XD;;).

- Both of the dramas has exchange engagement/wedding rings in the last episode. ^^v

image image

While Fated to Love You is basically the best K-romcom I have ever seen, Successful Story of a Bright Girl is just terrible in general — the script, plot and the acting unfortunately. I have no idea why the drama get so high ratings (40%++) when it was aired in 2002 – I dislike the drama 10 years ago and still dislike it until today. So my advise to anyone who can’t get enough of the chemistry between the two of them to just rewatch FTLY gazillion of times instead of watching SSoaBG since you will be terribly disappointed.

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LOL I wish my future husband as ridiculous and silly as him. XD;;

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Worst Possible Ending for Fated to Love You

Okay, I know the drama ended perfectly and beautifully and I’m so happy because of that. ^^v But deep inside my heart, before I watched the last 2 episodes, I was sooo afraid on how the writer gonna end it considering we got another 2 episodes left and Gun & Miyoung already so happy in Episode 18.

I know K-romcoms are practically very predictable with happy endings and we know from the beginning that they’re going to end up together but the question is how they gonna treat the disease issue. As we know, all terminally ill themed Kdramas never end on the bright side so because of this I was really sceptical on how they gonna handle that part. Is the writer will try to be clever and messed up the ending? That’s the question that made me nervous to watch the last episode.

My worst possible ending is the one which end with Miyoung’s narration:
"A few years later, the disease did caught Gun in the end.. Since we decided to be happy and treasure each moments, there’s never a moment where I regret making the decision to marry him or to be by his side. The love that he gave me, despite how brief it is, is enough to fulfil my life time…"

If it ended up like that, I WILL BE SO MAD YOU HAD NO IDEA! XD?


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Fated to Love You - Episode 19 & 20 Review

Just finished watching the last 2 episodes tonight and I’m in tears since both of the episodes are utterly sweet and beautiful. God, I don’t know why I’m crying like this but I’m just happy that the drama ended more awesome and beautiful than I ever imagine.

I am afraid of what’s coming since we still got 2 episodes left and they already soooo happy in Episode 18 — and having watched lots of Kdramas over the years and know how they tend to messed up especially in the later episodes/ending, I’m so glad that it didn’t become like this with this drama.

The writer and director did everything right. EVERYTHING! Jang Hyuk & Jang Nara are soooo amazing — their chemistry are really mind-blowing (and painfully beautiful) and among the very best I have ever witness in Kdramas. You can even see the sparkles in the eyes when they look at each other which I find amazing. They both are great actors that I honestly think that anyone who want to learn acting should learn just by watching their performance in this drama. Since I have watched repeatedly the same episodes over and over again, I just keep being amazed by how they really immersed in their characters — every little movement, action, tears or the tone of their speaking voice are just magic. Their performance here are simply brilliant. *.*

I think among the great things that happened in Episode 19 & 20, I love the fact that they explore more on the relationship between Gun and his father. Its really nice to know the story behind his manic laugh and it made me cry to know that it was that. ;_; And the fact that both of them wanted to be fully awake for their second night together (which they failed again) is hilarious to me. We all know Gun — him and his sexual frustrations but I love the fact that despite Miyoung is a very gentle and proper lady, she wanted it as well. Normal Kdramas’ script will make her blush and make her didn’t say anything but the writer gave her a different script for once which I find refreshing. ^^v

I’m quite bitter than Jang Nara didn’t sing the OST for this drama since I really like her singing voice. Her song; ’Ip Mat Choom Hana Ro’ from I’m Gonna Fall in Love OST is still my jam till today. But at least she sang the song ‘Snail’ during the ending scene so I’m happy because of that. ^^; I wish they will give us the full version of that song.

It is a great, perfect & flawless drama without a doubt! And I know its gonna take a while for me to find an awesome drama that can touch me like this. I don’t know what magic did they put on me to be this invested but I’m certainly under their spell.

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I l♥ve the fact that even a simple scene like this can bring tears to your eyes. T.T

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